BitTorrent Billboard Campaign

Editorial Director

A unique and unorthodox billboard campaign that generated 1000 press articles and 41 million online mentions.

How do you make place billboards in cities such as San Francisco, New York, and LA that stand out? How do you cut through the noise? How do you use such an old advertising medium to tell a story for an online brand that is anti-establishment?


The answer: Do something that has never been done before. Use the billboards to create conversation. Surprise people. Tap into their emotions. I pitched the idea of putting up billboards that didn’t have any BitTorrent branding. They would only have blunt statements that were contrary to everything BitTorrent believes in.

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We left those billboards up for 2 weeks before we modified the billboards to reflect the views and beliefs of the brand.

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The response was amazing. The hard-hitting message, combined with the unorthodox use of billboards, sparked conversations across the nation.

The Result:

  • Generated 1000 press articles worldwide and 41 million mentions
  • Unaided awareness increased by 1-4 percentage points in our key markets, putting us on par with big brands like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Netflix.
  • Aided awareness for BitTorrent grew from 29% – 45% post-campaign.
  • BitTorrent consideration increased by 4 percentage points.
  • Everyone who claimed to recall the ad remembered the billboards, and were able to recall the message. Many felt that the billboards legitimized the brand.

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