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A viral marketing campaign with the goal of educating people about the importance of an open Internet. It generated half a million page-views in a matter of days, drove thousands of FCC comment submissions, and was even the top post on Reddit for the week with 21.5k up-votes.

On May 15th, 2014, the FCC voted to approve changes to Net Neutrality that would continue to allow the existence of an Internet fastlane. This kicked off a comment period that allowed businesses and individuals to provide the FCC with their opinion on the proposed changes.

BitTorrent was passionate about protecting the open Internet. We built a “rapid response” campaign with the goal of educating people about the importance of an open Internet and encouraging individuals to contact the FCC with their concerns.

I worked with the Art Director to create a generic ISP company called “Fastlane”. The website gave viewers a look at what the future could look like if Net Neutrality did not exist. The Art Director designed it. I wrote the copy and built/launched the site.

screenshot-2016-11-16-19-38-15 screenshot-2016-11-16-19-38-40 screenshot-2016-11-16-19-39-12

Twitter and Facebook handles were created to support the “Fastlane” persona. Fake billboards were put up in San Francisco. The site & billboards never mentioned BitTorrent.


On June 9th, the site and billboards were changed to reflect our views.


We also launched

It contained an open letter with BitTorrent’s stance on Net Neutrality, and why we believe the open Internet is worth fighting for.

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Within one week, we had already seen impressive results:
– 21.5k upvotes on Reddit (a top 10 post for the week).
– 400k pageviews in the first week (and over 1 million lifetime)
– 10.5MM impressions on Twitter
– FCC comment submissions went from 65k to 105k during the campaign period.